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    Premier and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Anna Bligh


    Premier and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Anna Bligh

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010


    Three brand new SEQ cities that will become Queensland's first model communities are to be master planned by the Urban Land Development Authority Premier Anna Bligh announced today.

    The ULDA will take responsibility for three major greenfield areas in the south and western growth corridors of SEQ. These are Ripley Valley, Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba.

    Ms Bligh said the major growth policy initiative would see the successful ULDA model used to plan whole cities in Queensland for the first time.

    “These will be model communities where children can walk to school, workers can live near to their public transport and families will be guaranteed greenspace for recreation and the lifestyle that Queensland is famous for,” said the Premier.

    “For the first time the ULDA will be the 'architects' of entire cities and what that means is that these new cities, which will be home to around 250,000 people, will work better that anything we have seen in Queensland before.

    “Driving population growth west will take the pressure off precious environmental areas and our sensitive coastal areas.

    “Developers will follow a plan that has been designed entirely for the benefit of the people who will live there and they will deliver quality affordable housing.

    “We're seeing this work at places like Fitzgibbon Chase in Brisbane right now and what today's announcement means is that it is time to take it up a notch.”

    Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Stirling Hinchliffe said once declared, the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) will become responsible for the planning and assessment for developments in the new cities.

    “During the recent Queensland Government Growth Summit, the need to develop strategic growth centres to tackle the housing availability and affordability issues facing Queensland with a sustainable and coordinated approach was identified,” he said.

    “The ULDA has the ability to assist developers, council and the state government resolve some of the remaining hurdles to get these development areas to market.

    “The initial planning work by the Ipswich Regional Council and Logan City Council indicates that development within these three areas has the capacity to deliver in excess of 100,000 new homes upon full development.

    “The government will now start the process to have these sites declared Urban Development Areas (UDAs).”

    The Minister said the ULDA has just 12 months to complete a development scheme for each of these areas once the UDAs are declared.

    “Completing the development schemes within this timeframe will only be possible thanks to the structure planning work already undertaken by the state government and local councils,” he said.

    “However, under the standard development process, these sites are likely to have difficulty in early delivery to market because of the need to co-ordinate and fund local infrastructure.”

    ULDA CEO Paul Eagles said the ULDA will be able to bring an extra focus to these issues as well as innovative and practical solutions to enable financially viable, staged infrastructure to be delivered.

    “A preliminary investigation reveals that the sites are not greatly fragmented, so once the outstanding infrastructure issues are resolved, first stage development areas could be identified and brought to the market early,” he said.

    “Early delivery of housing in each of these areas will provide a steady supply of well priced housing to address the continued high demand in SEQ arising from the high migration to Queensland.”

    During the recent Growth Summit, the expansion of the role of the ULDA into greenfield sites in regional areas was announced. Since then the ULDA has already progressed work rapidly on three sites in Townsville, Mackay and Gladstone with the proposed development schemes for the Mackay and Gladstone sites being released for public comment this week.

    Mr Eagles said the development scheme for the Townsville Oonoonba site is well advanced and a proposed structure plan is expected to be released for public comment in mid-June.

    “All three projects are on target to have the civil construction works commence by the end of the year.

    “The ULDA has proven with its Fitzgibbon Chase project that land could be brought to market within twelve months of declaration and this target will be set for each SEQ greenfield UDA.

    “In addition to the early release targets, designation of these sites as UDAs will also provide the opportunity to set targets in relation to housing diversity, employment and training and ecological sustainability requirements.”

    The ULDA will now work rapidly undertaking the necessary discussions with the Councils, infrastructure investigations and documentation to allow for cabinet consideration by the end of September.

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