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    Minister for Transport
    The Honourable Rachel Nolan

    $1 million to improve safety at low-level bridges

    Minister for Transport
    The Honourable Rachel Nolan

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    $1 million to improve safety at low-level bridges

    Minister for Transport Rachel Nolan has announced a $1 million program to improve safety near low-level rail bridges in Southeast Queensland.

    Ms Nolan said the State Government had committed $1 million to provide additional protection measures at a selection of high-priority low-level bridge sites.

    “In the past 10 years there have been 301 incidents of vehicles striking rail bridges at 45 locations on the South East Queensland Rail Network,” Ms Nolan said.

    “No significant structural damage has occurred to a rail overbridge, nor has a train been derailed as a result of a road vehicle strike.

    “However, they cause significant delays for commuters and road users while the vehicle is removed and the bridge is inspected to ensure safe operation,” she said.

    “Rail bridge strikes are a driver-behaviour issue and I urge drivers to be aware of the impact of unsafe behaviour on others and themselves.”

    QR recently completed an interim study of all low-level bridges in South East Queensland and identified potential protection measures to reduce bridge strike incidents.

    Additional analysis will be required to identify the high-priority low-level clearance bridges and the type of additional protection measures required.

    “Recommendations from this analysis should be available in late March, and implementation works are targeted to be completed by the end of 2010,” Ms Nolan said.

    There are 109 rail overbridges on the SEQ network.

    All rail overbridges with a clearance of 5.3 metres or less have some form of protection measure, such as reflectorised advance-warning signs, keep-left signs, hazard markers and height gauges.

    All low-level rail bridges with a clearance less than 4.6 metres are identified with “Low Clearance” signs showing the height of the bridge.

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