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    Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
    The Honourable Desley Boyle

    $7.55 million in disaster funding for Barcoo and Longreach

    Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
    The Honourable Desley Boyle

    Thursday, October 01, 2009

    $7.55 million in disaster funding for Barcoo and Longreach

    Local Government Minister Desley Boyle has today announced $7.55 million in disaster relief funding for Western Queensland which will help cover the costs of repairs caused by flooding earlier this year.

    Ms Boyle said that rain and flooding in the wake of tropical cyclones Charlotte and Ellie during January and February this year caused widespread damage to roads and other public infrastructure in Barcoo Shire Council and Longreach Regional Council.

    “The area was inundated by flooding in the wake of the cyclones and this caused extensive damage to road networks that are the lifeblood of remote and regional communities in Western Queensland.

    “In Barcoo and Longreach this disrupted people’s lives and played havoc with key industries like cattle, wool, tourism and energy exploration.

    “All Queenslanders rely on the economic contribution of Western Queensland so this funding is crucial to ensuring the region can get back on it’s feet quickly. In rural areas, people often have to travel large distances to access essential services making it critical that these roads get repaired fast.

    “These roads are also important transport routes for people travelling to and from far western Queensland.”

    Ms Boyle said it was important that the Bligh Government worked with council’s ensuring they did not have to carry the full burden of costs related to natural disasters.

    “Obviously, the huge cost of these repairs was a major imposition on the balance sheets of councils. That is why the State and Commonwealth Governments have contributed $1,835,842 for Longreach Regional Council and $5,723,497 for Barcoo Shire Council,” she said.

    Longreach Regional Council have played their part by contributing $150,000 and Barcoo Shire Council have provided $50,000 towards repair costs.

    “Importantly, this is funding that helps keep Queenslanders employed during the global economic slowdown,” she said.

    Since 2004, the State and Commonwealth governments have provided Longreach Regional Council, and the former Longreach, Ilfracombe and Isisford shires with more than $13 million and Barcoo Shire Council with more than $29.8 million through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements Program.

    Major works in Longreach included:

    ·Muttaburra-Westside Road - $524,526 worth of repairs;

    ·Longreach-Muttaburra Road - $253,586;

    ·Morella-Ardno Road - $159,249;

    ·Fermoy Road - $118,913;

    ·Darr River Downs Road - $156,094;

    ·Ruthven Road - $99,750;

    ·Mons Road - $54,484;

    ·Mail Road Birkdale - $50,876;

    ·Mail Road Summerhill - $54,819.

    Major works in Barcoo included:

    ·Lina Glen Road - $1,024,110 worth of repair works;

    ·Warbreccan Road - $2,136,460;

    ·Haughton Vale Road - $277,652;

    ·Arrabury Road – $247,725;

    ·Murkin Pump Road - $146,540;

    ·Fraserburgh Road – $86,060;

    ·Bimerah-Isisford Road - $117,600;

    ·Beatrice Downs Road - $771,130;

    ·Hammond Road - $271,480;

    ·Stonehenge Access Road - $142,090;

    ·Bimerah-Yaraka Road - $552,650.

    Media contact: Minister Boyle’s office 3227 8819