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    Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning
    The Honourable Paul Lucas


    Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning
    The Honourable Paul Lucas

    Thursday, November 13, 2008



    New figures show 9 in 10 Queenslanders support making houses more sustainable through designs that suit our lifestyle and climate.

    Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Paul Lucas said the State Government was now considering feedback on the Improving Sustainable Housing in Queensland discussion paper.

    “I’m really pleased to see such strong support from Queenslanders to making our homes more environmentally sustainable,” said Mr Lucas.

    “Queensland’s regions are diverse and people agree our homes need to suit the climate in which they are built.

    “There is overwhelming support for measures that encourage the use of outdoor living areas and reduce the amount of energy used for artificial cooling.

    “Not only would this save Queenslander’s money on their power bills, it would reduce electricity consumption - the biggest contributor to the average household’s carbon footprint.

    “And it’s not just the state saying so with the McKinsey report on climate change identifying the building sector as providing the lowest-cost opportunity to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

    “These proposals could reduce Queensland’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 100,000 tonnes a year and reduce water usage by around 55,000 kilolitres a year.

    “That’s equivalent to removing 22,000 cars from the road and saving 22 Olympic sized swimming pools in water.

    “This would be a great start to achieving the Bligh Government’s Toward Q2 target of cutting the carbon footprint of Queenslanders by a third.”

    Feedback on 11 proposed measures showed:

    ·95% support for mandating minimum four-star energy ratings for air-conditioners

    ·95% support to prevent residential estate covenants that restrict energy efficient design and features

    ·91% support for star ratings for pool pumps.

    ·90% support minimum 5-star energy ratings for new units

    ·90% support for 5-star housing

    ·82% wanted better recognition for outdoor living areas in building codes

    ·70% support for making it mandatory for home owners and landlords to declare a property’s sustainable features before marketing it for sale.

    During a 3 month consultation period a dozen community forums were held around the state along with shopping centre visits and displays at the Home Expo and Ekka.

    A total of 284 responses were received, while 3591 hits were logged on the Department of Infrastructure and Planning website.

    “The paper was supported by industry bodies and professional groups, including the Housing Industry Association, Master Builders, the Property Council of Australia, building designers and other professional groups,” said Mr Lucas.

    “My department will now finalise a report for government consideration before the end of the year.”

    Media contact: Matt Klar 0437 435 223