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    Minister for Mines and Energy
    The Honourable Geoff Wilson

    Bligh Govt drives global push for clean coal solutions

    Minister for Mines and Energy
    The Honourable Geoff Wilson

    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Bligh Govt drives global push for clean coal solutions

    Mines and Energy Minister Geoff Wilson said today that the Bligh Government was leading the charge with cutting-edge technology to tackle climate change.

    Minister Wilson said the government was working towards a cleaner, green energy future with renewable energy sources and gas-fired power.

    “And while coal will continue to play a role in the global electricity mix, our key challenge is to use it in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way,” Mr Wilson said.

    “That’s why we’re injecting $10 million into an oxy-fuel project being developed by our government-owned corporation, CS Energy, near Biloela in Central Queensland.

    “It could be the world’s first oxy-fuel clean coal technology project. It’s expected to demonstrate that our coal-fired power stations can be retro-fitted with this type of technology to achieve deep cuts in carbon emissions.

    “And that’s important in a state with more than 32 billion tonnes of high-quality, low-cost, easily-accessible, black coal,” he said.

    “Let’s talk about coal-fired power stations. Of the ten lowest greenhouse gas emitters in the country, Queensland has seven.

    “We’re seen as a leader in adopting highly-efficient coal-fired power generation systems.

    “All four of the country’s super-critical pulverised fuel combustion power plants are in Queensland.

    “Kogan Creek, our newest, sets a benchmark for environmental performance with 22 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions. It also uses one tenth of the water of conventional power stations.

    “And there’s our ZeroGen project. It could become the first in the world to combine coal gasification with carbon capture and storage, to produce electricity with low carbon dioxide emissions.

    “It’s all about smarter, cleaner power - converting coal into hydrogen gas to generate power.

    “ZeroGen plans to build a demonstration power plant close to the Stanwell power station near Rockhampton.

    “It aims to capture carbon dioxide released in the combustion process at the site, and store it underground in deep saline reservoirs in the Northern Denison Trough.

    “With ZeroGen and our Oxy-fuel project, Queensland is showing leadership.

    “We’ve set up a Clean Coal Council chaired by the Premier and we’re investing up to $300 million in clean coal technology. Our investment is backed by $600 million from industry.

    “The resources boom has delivered enormous economic benefits to Queensland, but it has also thrown up some challenges.

    “We are rising to meet them with sensible, workable solutions,” Mr Wilson said.

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