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    Minister for Education and Training and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Rod Welford

    Principal appointment guidelines improve stability for schools

    Minister for Education and Training and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Rod Welford

    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Principal appointment guidelines improve stability for schools

    New State Government guidelines for appointing principals will improve stability for school communities while supporting school leaders’ career paths.

    Education and Training Minister Rod Welford said changes had been made to the way principal appointments and secondments are to ensure greater consistency of leadership in schools.

    “These changes reflect our Government’s commitment to ensuring young Queenslanders receive the best possible education and that the professional development of our school leaders is supported,” Mr Welford said.

    “It is widely acknowledged that school leadership makes a great difference to the achievements of a school and its students.

    “Principals have a wealth of corporate and specialist knowledge combined with an understanding of their school community’s needs so they’re often hard to replace if they leave.

    “I often hear from parents and school communities who are concerned about the frequency of school leadership changes. Continuity in schools is critical for improving outcomes.

    “These new guidelines aim to limit the number and length of secondments outside of the school so that a better balance is achieved between stability of school leadership and developmental opportunities.

    “Principals should commit to lead a school for two years before they take up a transfer or promotion to a position at another state school in Queensland.

    “This will balance the wider requirements of schools around the state with the needs of local communities who want consistency in how their schools are run and how their children are taught.”

    Mr Welford said if a principal position fell vacant after the regular round of principal positions had been advertised, there would the capacity to appoint from the current pool rather than waiting for another six months to elapse before providing schools with permanent leaders.

    “By appointing someone from this pool of qualified applicants, we will cut red tape and deliver the benefits to parents and students.”

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