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    Minister for Education and Training and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Rod Welford

    Government to build on success of schools renewal initiative

    Minister for Education and Training and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Rod Welford

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Government to build on success of schools renewal initiative

    More Queensland state schools are to be modernised and their facilities opened up to local communities under the Bligh Government’s State Schools of Tomorrow initiative.

    Education Minister Rod Welford today announced plans for a second round of school renewals, to closely follow the first round of projects now being considered by the Government.

    “The $850 million State Schools of Tomorrow initiative launched last year is shaping to be the smartest, as well as the largest, investment in Queensland’s education,” Mr Welford said.

    “For Round Two we will be following the same formula – focusing on clusters of mainly older schools and renewing those considered by local communities to be most sustainable.

    “Through this unique initiative, the government is enabling Queensland communities to help plan the future of education at a local level.

    “Many Queensland schools were built early last century when schooling was very different to our modern day educational needs.

    “Through State Schools of Tomorrow, parents and local communities across Queensland are being invited to consider what schools should look like and what facilities they have, as well as what schools they need for the future and where they should be located.”

    The State Government is currently finalising its deliberations on four round one projects launched last year: at Innisfail, Eastern Ipswich, Inala and Brisbane Bayside.

    “With the first round well advanced we now want school communities to be part of the second round, to begin in the middle of this year,” Mr Welford said.

    “The department’s regional offices are preparing submissions and would welcome input from schools and their communities.”

    Expressions of interest packs can be downloaded at

    Mr Welford said consultations with communities had revealed a high level of enthusiasm from people who could see how their older local schools would be transformed.

    “After being renewed these schools will have facilities and resources that raise them to a similar standard to new schools,” he said.

    “This means bigger and more flexible classrooms, modern communications technology and undercover play and assembly areas, among other standard features.

    “People are also seeing the exciting possibilities for community use of some school facilities, such as auditoriums, performing arts complexes, multi-media centres and libraries.”

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