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    Coat of ArmsMedia Release
    Premier and Minister for Trade
    The Honourable Peter Beattie
    Minister for Tourism, Fair Trading, Wine Industry Development and Women
    The Honourable Margaret Keech



    Premier and Minister for Trade
    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Minister for Tourism, Fair Trading, Wine Industry Development and Women
    The Honourable Margaret Keech

    Wednesday, August 29, 2007


    EMBARGO: 7:30pm August 29, 2007

    Premier and Minister for Trade Peter Beattie tonight announced the winners of the coveted 2007 Smart Women – Smart State Awards who are transforming Queensland as we know it.

    The Awards are run by the Queensland Government’s Office for Women and recognise some of the State’s brightest and most innovative women and girls.

    “All finalists are talented high achievers who are blazing trails in science, engineering, communications and information technology,” Mr Beattie said.

    “They are making significant contributions to their industries and the future of the Smart State, and they are important role models for the next generation of women leaders to follow,” he said.

    “They have worked on projects as diverse as the Ross River Dam upgrade and making discoveries in the lab, to taking great ideas into the marketplace.

    “I am delighted the 2007 Awards have once again uncovered some of Queensland’s hard-working and inspirational women and girls.”

    In addition to presenting Awards across 13 categories tonight, Mr Beattie announced the inaugural Lifetime Contribution to Science Award which he presented to CSIRO Honorary Fellow Anne Bourne, who has been giving her time and expertise to the research organisation since retiring from it 17 years ago.

    “Anne’s lifelong dedication to science, and maths in particular, is an inspiration to her colleagues of all ages and especially the younger generation who have been able to learn so much from her,” said the Premier.

    “She is a powerful role model and a worthy recipient of this prestigious Achievement Award.”

    Minister for Women Margaret Keech said the annual Smart Women – Smart State Awards shone the spotlight on Queensland women and girls achieving amazing things in science, engineering and IT.

    “These women and girls are bringing cutting-edge skills and expertise to the traditionally male-dominated industries of science, engineering and CIT,” Mrs Keech said.

    “The Smart Women – Smart State Awards also promote these careers to the Smart State women of tomorrow and show us what can be achieved with hard work and a passion for these exciting and often top-earning careers,” she said.

    “The Beattie Government will continue to support programs that encourage women into these fields.”

    For more information on the Smart Women - Smart State Awards and other Office for Women initiatives visit or call 1800 177 577.

    List of winners follows

    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Media Contacts: Premier’s Office – 3224 4500
    Minister’s Office – Peter McCarthy 3225 1005/0439 761 416
    Office for Women – Carmen Uzarevic 3006 4188


    *Lifetime Contribution to Science Award
    Anne Bourne – (St Lucia)
    A statistician with the CSIRO from 1969 to 1991, Anne has been a powerful role model for her colleagues. Authoring or acknowledged in over 20 papers, this Award recognises 82-year-old Anne’s dedication to science and entomology which includes giving her expertise and time to the research organisation 17 years after retiring.
    *This special award will not necessarily be given each year

    Secondary School Students
    Sponsored by Griffith University
    Sally Barrett – Southport
    The effects of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) on the shell development of ostracods
    Sally developed a cutting edge chemistry and biology project on the detrimental effects of climate change on marine organisms. Key evidence highlighted the hidden impacts of global warming.
    Undergraduate Students – Science
    Sponsored by Queensland Resources Council
    Alecia Carter – University of Queensland
    Complex association patterns and fitness benefits in female eastern grey kangaroos
    Alecia designed a computer program that analysed how female kangaroos interacted with each other. The computer technology she developed showed the benefits of relationships developed between individual female kangaroos.

    Undergraduate Students – Engineering
    Sponsored by Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, Queensland University of Technology
    Helen Gorell – Arana Hills
    Design and construction of a mock circulation loop for future testing of an extra aortic balloon (EAB)
    Helen built a mock circulation loop designed to mimic the natural circulatory system of a human. This will help researchers evaluate how cardiac assist devices such as the C-Pulse (extra aortic balloon) work on a heart.

    Undergraduate Students – Information and Communication Technology
    Sponsored by CorpTech and Queensland Treasury
    Yvette Griggs – Townsville
    Rapid application development for microcontrollers using automatic code generation from graphical requirements with IMMERGE
    Yvette has developed a software program that makes it easier to program embedded computer systems. This was previously a time consuming and difficult exercise requiring lengthy experience in programming techniques. Yvette’s new system will allow a much wider range of people to successfully program embedded systems.

    Postgraduate Students – Science
    Sponsored by the University of Queensland
    Jennifer Firn (Camp Hill) , Nikki Sims, Megan Ward and Alice Yeates – University of Queensland.
    Investigating the mechanisms behind costly and environmentally destructive weeds
    This group of PhD students are battling weed invasion using innovative research methods combining empirical research and mathematical modelling.

    Postgraduate Students – Engineering
    Sponsored by Queensland Transport and the Department of Main Roads
    Katrina McDonald - Toowong
    An experimental and finite element investigation of the biomechanics of vertebral compression fractures
    Katrina’s research investigates the mechanics of bone fractures associated with osteoporosis. Katrina aims to develop biomechanical techniques to better understand the processes leading up to, and following, vertebral compression fractures.

    Postgraduate Students – Information and Communication Technology
    Sponsored by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet
    Kaylene Clayton - Waterford
    PhD project and community service
    Kaylene actively promotes Information and Communication Technology careers to young women. Her PhD project studies the factors affecting the career choices of young people. It also offers practical advice on effective ways to encourage more people to study ICT.

    Women in Industry/Business – Science
    Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency
    Professor Jennifer Stow – University of Queensland
    Novel therapies for inflammatory disease
    Jennifer's research into cell biology may lead to cheaper alternatives to costly current treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

    Women in Industry/Business – Engineering
    Sponsored by TrackStar Alliance
    Anne Lavers – Townsville
    Ross River Dam Upgrade Project
    Anne project managed and oversaw the design and implementation of the Ross River Dam Upgrade Project. This project will result in increased storage capacity, meet international health and safety standards while maintaining bio-diversity in the area.

    Women in Industry/Business – Information and Communication Technology
    Sponsored by the Department of Emergency Services
    Tammy Halter – Brisbane CBD
    Absolute Data Group Broadcaster and R4i software
    Founder and sole Director of software company Absolute Data Group, Tammy identified a niche marketing opportunity in the global ICT marketplace. Her company helps businesses manage information through the use of technology, such as making content available on mobile handsets or through custom built mobile websites.

    Women in Community/Public Sector – Science
    Sponsored by Queensland Health
    Professor Linda Blackall – University of Queensland
    Linda’s research on wastewater management will maximise Australia’s ability to control environmental pollution, recycle water and use and generate energy. She has shown that great savings can be made in water and energy by improving the operating process of wastewater treatment plants.

    Women in Community/Public Sector – Engineering
    Sponsored by the Department of State Development
    Lin Ma - Brisbane
    Asset health manager
    Lin’s work involves developing state-of-the-art methods and systems to monitor the performance and condition of major assets (machinery) to predict when they should be maintained so they don’t fail unexpectedly. Her systems help companies maintain safety and avoid unnecessary loss of production, while allowing them to plan most efficient use of resources.

    Women in Community/Public Sector - Information and Communication Technology
    Sponsored by the Department of Communities
    Dr Penny De Byl – Toowoomba
    ALIVE (advanced learning and immersive virtual environment)
    Penny is battling student boredom through her ALIVE project, which aims to make online learning more interesting for higher education students. She wants to improve existing online courses and make them more inspiring and exciting for students by integrating Web3D technologies.