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    Premier and Minister for Trade
    The Honourable Peter Beattie


    Premier and Minister for Trade
    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Sunday, June 03, 2007


    Premier Peter Beattie today launched Queensland’s $414 million climate change strategy ClimateSmart 2050 which lays out the Government’s plan to lower the greenhouse gas emissions being generated by communities and industry across the State.

    This new funding brings Queensland’s contribution to the fight against climate change to $1.3 billion. ($414 new money plus $300 million committed by the Queensland Government and $600 million committed by the coal industry to the Clean Coal Fund)

    “Every one of us is being affected by climate change but the good news is that every one of us can also be part of the solution,” Mr Beattie said.

    “If the Queensland Government did not take action on greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector, Queensland would be emitting 63.7 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere by 2020.

    “By implementing this plan we project we can reduce emissions by about 34 per cent to 50.9 million tonnes by 2020.

    The report provides assistance, targets and a plan of action for every part of Queensland.

    Key initiatives of the strategy include:
    • A $300 million Queensland Climate Change Fund to develop new technologies like hydrogen fuel cells. The fund will be financed from the sale of government-owned wind farm assets (mainly located interstate) and the remaining gas assets of the Enertrade business.
    • A $55 million Smart Energy Savings Program to help business get energy smart, saving an estimated 3280 kilotonnes in greenhouse gas emissions and an estimated $78 million in energy costs.
    • Providing $50 million for a Renewable Energy Fund to promote research and development in to renewable energy and are commitment to a renewable and low emissions energy target of 10% by 2020. This target will reduce emissions from the energy sector by requiring electricity retailers to purchase a set amount of their energy from Queensland-based renewable or low emission energy sources.
    • Climate Smart Homes rebates - $7.25 million to help people living in remote areas of the state to install greenhouse friendly hot water systems, more efficient refrigeration and insulation etc. This will help lower emissions and lower power bills.
    • Increase the percentage of Queensland’s energy generation being produced by gas under the Gas Scheme from the current 13 percent to 18 per cent by 2020. Generating power by using natural gas produces up to 50 per cent fewer emissions than coal.
    • $10 million to identify future geosequestration sites to allow the safe storage of carbon dioxide emissions over the long-term.
    • New planning standards for commercial buildings by 2010 and the phasing out of electric storage hot water systems.
    • All Queensland Government office buildings to be carbon neutral by 2020.
    • Establish a Queensland feed-in tariff for solar power to pay people whose home solar systems put power into the system.
    • Phase out electric hot water systems from existing homes from 2010. It will be mandatory for homeowners replacing hot water systems to use greenhouse friendly hot water systems. Rebates will be offered for solar and gas systems.

    Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing us and dealing with it is a long-term investment. I will be forming the Premier’s Taskforce on Climate Change to help us meet the challenge,” Mr Beattie said.

    “I will be drawing on experts from all relevant sciences and industries to provide advice on new technologies and solutions.

    “Getting it right will require the input of the best and brightest from across Queensland and the nation.

    “In Queensland we are facing up to climate change and committing ourselves to making a real difference to future generations.

    “ClimateSmart 2050 outlines a diverse range of short, medium and long term actions that the government is committing to delivering now to make our environment cleaner.

    “The $300 million Queensland Climate Change Fund will operate in addition to the Government’s existing $300 million Clean Coal Technologies Fund. The Clean Coal Fund will be combined with the coal industry’s contribution of $600 million to ensure our vital coal industry can continue to create jobs and investment for decades to come.

    “Queensland has already achieved a lot in the fight against climate change, but we need to do more.

    “As our understanding of climate science improves, future initiatives will be developed.

    “Today’s funding announcement is new money for the development of new solutions.

    “Queensland has already committed to playing its part in achieving a national target of 60% reduction in 2000 greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

    “To achieve this target we are also committed to ensuring the security of a low cost electricity supply for all Queenslanders, support for our robust economic growth and sustaining our coal industry.

    “Doing nothing is not an option; we must make a commitment to deliver real cuts in our State’s greenhouse gas emissions and find new ways of generating power.

    “I would urge all Queenslanders to take the time to read the plan and to provide comment,” Mr Beattie said.

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    Sunday June 3, 2007

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