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    Minister for Education and Training and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Rod Welford


    Minister for Education and Training and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Rod Welford

    Thursday, March 08, 2007


    A group of Queensland teachers has begun a trial of digital cameras and MP3 players as new classroom tools as part of a new State Government initiative.

    Minister for Education and Training, Rod Welford, said 258 teachers at schools around the state were involved in a trial of the digital devices.

    “The aim is to explore the educational potential of the devices and further inject 21st century technologies into teaching and learning,” Mr Welford said.

    “There are many possibilities for using MP3 players and digital video cameras to improve student learning.

    “For example, one state school will launch an iPod club where students will record interviews and turn them into podcasts and audio stories for their new online magazine.

    “In another project a digital video camera will be used to help students design a new playground for Prep Year students as part of a maths investigation, helping students understand basic mathematics concepts in a fun way.”

    The $100,000 Discovering New Technologies (Smart Teaching) initiative is a key component of the Government’s Smart Classrooms strategy.

    Mr Welford said the trial followed other technology initiatives such as the teacher laptop trial conducted in 61 schools in the Ipswich and Cairns areas.

    “More than 1500 Queensland teachers were issued with personal laptop computers to enhance teaching capabilities,” Mr Welford said.

    "Teachers involved in the trial have used the laptops for lesson planning, digital presentation of lessons and student assessment and reporting."

    Mr Welford said the $3.5m trial, which was conducted as part of the Government's Smart Classrooms strategy, is currently being evaluated.

    The strategy establishes information and communication technologies as a foundation of 21st century schools, where new technologies spark greater interaction between students, teachers, parents and guardians.

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