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    Premier and Minister for Trade
    The Honourable Peter Beattie


    Premier and Minister for Trade
    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Tuesday, October 31, 2006


    Premier Peter Beattie announced in Parliament today he would seek approval from the Governor to appoint Member for Toowoomba North, Kerry Shine as Queensland’s new Attorney-General and Minister for Justice.

    Mr Beattie said Mr Shine brought a wealth of experience to the position, and was well regarded within the legal profession.

    “Prior to his career in Parliament, Kerry was a practicing solicitor, with his own legal practice in Toowoomba and then at Browns Plains,” Mr Beattie said.

    “He obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland, while serving as an articled clerk in a Brisbane law firm and was admitted as a solicitor in 1972.

    “Kerry was elected in 2001 and has played a key role on a number of committees including the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee and the Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee.

    “He has also served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communities, Disability Services and Seniors as well as Premiers Advisor on Western Queensland.

    “Following the recent State election he was elevated to Cabinet and appointed Minister for Natural Resources and Water and I am confident that with his experience and professionalism he will perform well in this important portfolio.”

    Mr Beattie expressed his gratitude to Linda Lavarch for her service as the Attorney General, Minister for Justice and Minister for Women.

    “I greatly respect Linda’s courage and openness on tackling her illness and I wish her all the best in her recovery.

    “I will be seeking the Governor’s approval to hand responsibility for Linda’s former role as Minister for Women to the Minister for Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Development Margaret Keech.

    “Margaret is a proven and strong performer in the Queensland Cabinet and through the Office of Women she will have oversight of policies, programs and services affecting women.”

    Mr Beattie also announced he would seek the Governor’s approval for other ministerial changes.

    “I will nominate Member for Thuringowa, Craig Wallace to be the new Cabinet Minister for Natural Resources and Water.

    “Craig was elected in 2004 and is a hard working local member and terrific representative for North Queensland.

    “He has played a key role on a number of important committees including the Public Accounts Committee and the Impact of Petrol Pricing Select Committee.

    “As a regional member Craig has a good grasp of the issues affecting regional communities in particular water supply and the drought.

    “He will be a strong advocate for the bush and the regions,” he said.

    Mr Beattie said he would ask Mr Wallace and Mr Shine to incorporate their current Parliamentary Secretary roles into their Ministerial positions.

    “Craig will remain the Parliamentary Secretary for North Queensland and become my advisor on North Queensland.

    “Kerry Shine will also incorporate his role as my advisor on Western Queensland into his new portfolio.

    “As part of this reshuffle I will also seek the Governor’s approval for the appointment of Stirling Hinchliffe as the Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister for Communities, Disabilities Services, Seniors and Youth.

    “This is an important portfolio and our Government is proud of our record on boosting services to Queenslanders in need.

    “Specifically I want Stirling to work closely with Warren Pitt on the implementation of our ground breaking Blueprint for the Bush.

    “Approximately 660,000 people live in rural Queensland and just as importantly, the industries that lie within these communities provide more than 65% of our exported goods and 80% of our export revenue.
    “The continued prosperity of our rural communities is therefore critical to Queensland’s continuing economic fortunes.
    “Renewal is an important part of any Government and I believe these new appointments will strengthen our Government and enhance the high levels of service we provide to Queenslanders,” he said.


    Tuesday, 31 October 2006
    Media: 3224 4500