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    Coat of ArmsMedia Release
    Minister for Transport and Main Roads
    The Honourable Paul Lucas

    Closure of sections of the Riverside Expressway and some onramps

    Minister for Transport and Main Roads
    The Honourable Paul Lucas

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Closure of sections of the Riverside Expressway and some onramps

    Minister for Transport and Main Roads Paul Lucas today said the Ann St onramp to the Riverside Expressway and sections of the road underneath would be closed as a precautionary measure following the discovery of a hairline crack in the ramp’s decking.

    Mr Lucas said the sections of road were being closed this afternoon following the discovery of a hairline crack of around 0.4mm and approximately 2m long in the bridge decking this morning. Main Roads advised that the crack had appeared in the bridge overnight.

    Mr Lucas said bridge specialists from Main Roads had advised the onramp should be closed following the discovery of the crack late this morning.

    “I’d like to make it clear that this is a precautionary closure,” Mr Lucas said.

    “While Main Roads has advised me that there is an extremely low chance of the Ann St onramp collapsing, I’m not willing to take any chances whatsoever,” Mr Lucas said.

    “For that reason, we are closing the Ann St onramp and the sections of Expressway beneath it. It will also affect the section of North Quay beneath the Alice St onramp, and the pedestrian/bikeway which would also be closed.

    “At this stage the Main Roads bridge specialists are working to identify what may have caused the crack,” Mr Lucas said.

    Mr Lucas said Main Roads had already installed special electronic monitoring equipment on the ramp so they had early notice of any changes or movements in the crack.

    Mr Lucas said Main Roads had already begun discussing traffic diversions with Brisbane City Council and police.

    Mr Lucas said the measures would cause major disruptions to CBD traffic.

    “I apologise for the disruption this will cause,” Mr Lucas said.

    “I would much rather have inconvenience to traffic as a result of checking this to the Nth degree rather than take any risks, even if the advice says any potential failure is extremely low.

    Mr Lucas said the closures would cause major disruption to CBD traffic and urged people to consider using public transport.

    Mr Lucas said Main Roads and Queensland Transport would put in a number of measures to help ease traffic pressure.

    “There will be no toll for any vehicle on the GatewayBridge during peak hour while these diversions are in place,” Mr Lucas said.

    “To help ease traffic in the city, between 6am to 10am, and 4pm to 7pm there will be no toll for vehicles on the GatewayBridge.”

    Mr Lucas said bus lanes and T3 lanes would be opened to general traffic.

    “This does not include the dedicated South East and Inner Northern busways.”

    “I’d also ask employers to consider staggered start times for CBD workers where possible.”

    Media inquiries: Robert Hoge 3237 1942, 0419 757 868

    Closures and detours

    Traffic heading southbound out of the city:

    Coronation Drive heading southbound will be closed just before WilliamJollyBridge. All traffic will be diverted by the "City" exit up to North Quay.

    North Quay will be closed to traffic heading southbound at intersection with Saul St (opposite WilliamJollyBridge).

    Heading south down Countess St to head south, will have to go straight ahead to WilliamJollyBridge.

    Makerston Street, Herschel Street and Tank Street will all be closed off at intersection with North Quay.

    Current closure of Ann and George Street will remain in place.

    Northbound traffic:

    Riverside Expressway closed off at Elizabeth St, as per last week. Traffic diverted off at Elizabeth Street.

    Alice Street onramp northbound will also be closed.

    Motorists who don't need to go into the city are advised to take StoryBridge or WilliamJollyBridge. If heading through Brisbane, use Gateway Motorway and stay completely out of city.

    To avoid city, use Inner City Bypass and Hale St to take motorists around the city.