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    Minister for Public Works and Housing
    The Honourable Robert Schwarten


    Minister for Public Works and Housing
    The Honourable Robert Schwarten

    Monday, October 02, 2006


    The Australian Democrats should put up or shut up, according to Public Works and Housing Minister Robert Schwarten who is working with the Woorabinda community to bring a halt to ongoing vandalism of public housing.

    Mr Schwarten was responding to comments by Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett attacking the Government’s plan to freeze funding for new homes or repairs until action was taken to stop gangs trashing Woorabinda houses.

    “Senator Bartlett is good at whingeing but when it comes to offering up solutions to rampant violence, vandalism, overcrowding and destruction of public facilities, he has no answers,” Mr Schwarten said.

    “No wonder the Democrats are a pathetic joke at the local, state and federal level and look likely to be wiped out at the next election.

    “The people of Queensland expect action not platitudes and whingeing when it comes to protecting taxpayer funds and ensuring all communities can enjoy the fruits of the state’s growth.

    “Simply bobbing up for a whinge and nothing else every now and again might make the Democrats feel all warm and fuzzy but it doesn’t stop crime, it doesn’t put a roof over people’s heads and it doesn’t help stop unchecked vandalism.”

    Mr Schwarten said the Government’s warning about freezing funding had already achieved results, with the community and police and Government working together to combat vandalism and put in place a plan to improve housing.

    The Minister last week met with representatives from Public Works, Housing and the Woorabinda community in Rockhampton in a move which kick-started the action.

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    October 2, 2006