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    Premier & Treasurer
    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Cedar Grove Weir and Swanbank Recycling Projects Closer

    Premier & Treasurer
    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Cedar Grove Weir and Swanbank Recycling Projects Closer

    Two water projects which together could provide an extra 100 million litres of water every day for South East Queensland are moving ahead, Premier Peter Beattie reported today.

    "Design work and land preparations for the proposed $12 million Cedar Grove Weir on the Logan River near Jimboomba are progressing rapidly and a contract has been signed in connection with the Swanbank recycling project," said Mr Beattie

    "The weir represents stage one of the proposed substantial upgrade to water storage infrastructure in the Logan River catchment which includes the Wyaralong Dam development as stage two.

    "The weir, which could be completed as early as 2007/08, is a priority for my Government.

    "It will supply 11 megalitres of water a day when it is completed and will also ultimately act as a pumping pool for supplies from the proposed Wyaralong Dam.

    "The Department of Natural Resources and Mines and SunWater are drilling on the site this week to supplement the preliminary investigation work done during the 1990s.

    "The drilling will inform us of the underground conditions at the site so that the design of the weir can be finalised.

    "We expect to begin the land acquisition process with a dozen or so affected landholders who were initially consulted during the Environmental Impact Statement process in the late 1990s.

    "Departmental officers met landholders in mid 2005 to confirm that the government was going to proceed with the Cedar Grove Weir and start the acquisition process once investigations such as this week's drilling works are completed.

    "The weir design will be stepped, sheet pile and fill structure. At its crest the weir will be about 45 metres long while the height of the weir above the river bed will be 6.5 metres.

    "The $20 million commitment for design, route acquisition and other pre-construction works for a scheme to pipe recycled water to Swanbank Power Station - and potentially Tarong Power Station - is moving ahead.

    "The Co-ordinator-General has signed an agreement with SEQWater for it to manage a substantial part of the pre-construction works.

    "The good news is that this project has the potential to be in place as early as 2007/08 and to free up 90 megalitres a day of drinking water from existing dams.

    "That's the equivalent to about 10% of the combined average daily usage of Wivenhoe, Somerset and North Pine Dams.

    "My Government is negotiating with Tarong Power Station to put in place interim arrangements to reduce the draw on Wivenhoe Dam before the recycled water pipeline becomes operational.

    "The first steps in the land acquisition process involving consultation with affected landholders are about to begin."

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