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    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    All aboard Australia's first Tilt Train

    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Sunday, November 01, 1998

    All aboard Australia's first Tilt Train

    Premier Peter Beattie and Transport and Main Road Minister Steve Bredhauer today invited the public to come on board the Southern Hemisphere's first high-speed tilt train during a community open day to launch the service.

    Two tilt trains will run the 639km route between Brisbane and Rockhampton starting next Friday (November 6).

    The high-speed trains will cover the distance in seven hours, cutting two and a quarter hours from the current service.

    During a launch of the tilt train at Brisbane's Roma Street Station today, the Premier said more of the high-tech trains were planned.

    "Two new tilt trains, costing $122 million, have been ordered and are expected to run between Brisbane and Cairns by the end of 2001," he said.

    Welcoming the public today, Mr Beattie said Queenslanders could see for themselves what he described as a "rail revolution", not just for Queensland but for Australia too.

    "The tilt train represents more than five years of vision and investment by the Queensland Government.

    "Not only does it represent a leap forward in technology, but it also represents a strong commitment to the future of the State and regionalisation."

    The tilt train project will generate 300 jobs, providing a major economic boost for Maryborough where the trains will be built at Walkers Limited.

    It will also give a major boost for tourism and create jobs between Rockhampton and Cairns.

    "This is further proof of my Government's commitment to govern for all of Queensland," the Premier said.

    Mr Bredhauer said the new trains were high-tech, high-speed and high-comfort.

    "These trains will bring communities along the route closer together and allow people living in this area new opportunities in terms of lifestyle, investment and tourism," he said.

    "The tilt trains represent Queensland Rail's push into the 21st century with a total project investment of $113 million.

    "It really is a rejuvenation and revitalisation of the rail service," he said.

    The two tilt trains will be the fastest of their kind in the world, running on narrow gauge and reaching speeds of up to 170kmh.

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