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    Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Leeanne Enoch

    Triple bilby delight, just in time for Easter

    Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Leeanne Enoch

    Friday, March 30, 2018

    Triple bilby delight, just in time for Easter

    Three baby bilbies have emerged from their mother’s pouch at Save the Bilby Fund’s purpose-built breeding facility in Charleville, south-west Queensland.

    Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch said the arrival of the little bilbies came just in time for Easter and the tourist season, and was a testament to the great partnership between the Queensland Government and Save the Bilby Fund.

    “The Queensland Government has been working with Save the Bilby Fund since 1999 to protect this precious native species,” she said.

    “Thanks to these joint efforts, we can expect to see many more adorable arrivals like these little triplets.”

    Save the Bilby Fund CEO Kevin Bradley said he was ecstatic to announce the triplets’ arrival.

    “The Easter bilby has come early to Charleville this year and our babies have arrived just in time for the tourist season,” Mr Bradley said.

    “These babies signal a turning of the bilby-breeding tide and we are proud to say many more are due over the coming months.”

    The precious babies are planned for release into Currawinya National Park and beyond as part of the partnership between Save the Bilby Fund and the Queensland Government, and the National Recovery Plan for the species.

    Ms Enoch said the last push to upgrade the fence in the south-west national park would start immediately after Easter.

    “These young bilbies are set to be released into the Currawinya enclosure by the end of the year,” Ms Enoch said.

    “This fence will protect the bilbies living in the area by keeping introduced species like cats out.”

    Dreamworld is also a major supporter of the Save the Bilby Fund and contributes directly to the bilby breeding program to assist with the release of bilbies into Currawinya National Park.

    The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation has raised more than $3 million to date towards a range of wildlife conservation initiatives including support for the Save the Bilby Fund since 2001.

    Mr Bradley said the triplets would add to the continuation of this unique Australian species, endangered in Queensland and listed as vulnerable nationally.

    “The bilbies are being bred as part of a carefully managed national program and longstanding partnership between the Queensland Government and Save the Bilby Fund targeted at saving the species from extinction,” he said.

    “Their release at Currawinya will mark the start of a breeding boom that Save the Bilby Fund has initiated to support releases into protected areas around Australia.”

    Bilbies are one of the fastest breeding mammals on earth with a pregnancy of just 12 to 14 days.

    However, due to introduced predators including the red fox and the feral cat, they have been wiped out across 80 per cent of their former range and their survival in the wild remains tenuous.

    Ms Enoch said Queenslanders could help Save the Bilby Fund’s crucial work by buying an Easter bilby these holidays.

    “Easter bilbies are an important fundraiser and part of Save the Bilby Fund’s work to raise awareness of this little mammal’s endangered status in Queensland,” she said.

    “If we want to keep enjoying our bilbies, like this new arrival, it is important we support organisations like Save the Bilby Fund now and into the future.”

    This Easter the bilby will take centre stage at Dreamworld for the uniquely Australian Easter Bilby celebration from Friday 30 March to Monday 2 April.

    There will be a range of activities on offer to raise money and awareness for this endangered animal. The long weekend will include a Bilby Rock performance, character meet and greet, educational talks, face painting, colouring-in and cookie decorating.

    More details about Save the Bilby Fund can be found at

    Details about the Charleville Bilby Experience can be found at


    *Footage of the baby bilbies is available here.

    *Images of the triplets are available here.


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