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    Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Minister for Corrective Services
    The Honourable Mark Ryan

    Palaszczuk Government strengthens gun laws

    Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Minister for Corrective Services
    The Honourable Mark Ryan

    Wednesday, October 11, 2017

    Palaszczuk Government strengthens gun laws

    Gun laws in Queensland have been strengthened after a disallowance motion brought by the Katter’s Australian Party to halt the Weapons Legislation (Lever Action Shotguns) Amendment Regulation 2017 was voted down.

    Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan said this regulation to limit access to high capacity lever action shotguns in the community increased Queenslanders’ safety.

    “The Weapons Act 1990 is based on John Howard’s world-renowned National Firearms Agreement (NFA) and includes the underlying principles that weapon possession and use are subordinate to the need to ensure public and individual safety,” Mr Ryan said.

    “Although the NFA was born out of Australia’s deadly Port Arthur massacre in 1996, it is every bit as important almost 20 years later, if not more so.

    “The Palaszczuk Government has an added responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who lives and visits our state in the lead up to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games next year.

    “The serious issue of gun control and community safety is an important debate that has again been given public prominence in the wake of last week’s deadly massacre in Las Vegas.

    “Australia’s gun laws have become the gold standard internationally, cited each time a gun-related tragedy occurs internationally.

    “Community safety is further improved by imposing strict controls on the possession of weapons and the Weapons Categories Regulation 1997 categorises weapons in line with the NFA.”

    Lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity of up to five rounds will be classified as Category B weapons, and those with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds will be classified as the more restrictive Category D weapons.

    This reclassification brings Queensland into line with a COAG decision in December 2016 to strengthen the NFA.

    New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have all legislated to reclassify lever action shotguns in accordance with the revised NFA. The other jurisdictions are various stages of implementation. 

    “The vast majority of firearm owners in Queensland are decent, law abiding citizens,” Mr Ryan said.

    “That's why we established a Firearms Advisory Forum to ensure they all had a voice at the table.

    “We have worked constructively with all stakeholders on a range of firearms matters, including how best to implement the changes agreed by COAG.

    “This reclassification will improve public safety while ensuring farmers have access to the weapons they need to do their jobs.”

    The Minister said the LNP Member for Gympie’s move to try to block the changes illustrated the LNP’s fractured and flimsy position on gun laws.

    “The NFA has always had bipartisan support and I am calling for that to continue,” Mr Ryan said.

    “This important issue is about the safety of Queenslanders, not votes from Queenslanders.

    “Under the Palaszczuk Government, Queensland will remain part of John Howard’s National Firearms Agreement.”

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