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    Minister for Transport and the Commonwealth Games
    The Honourable Stirling Hinchliffe

    Transport Minister announces review of bus driver safety

    Minister for Transport and the Commonwealth Games
    The Honourable Stirling Hinchliffe

    Thursday, September 29, 2016

    Transport Minister announces review of bus driver safety

    The Palaszczuk Government has committed to a wide-ranging review into bus driver safety across Queensland, after concerns were raised by key stakeholders at the Bus Safety Forum earlier this year.

    Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the review would be undertaken by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, in partnership with drivers, industry, unions and government agencies, to identify initiatives to help improve safety.

    “People have a right to go to work and come home each day, safe and free from abuse. I stand shoulder to shoulder with our hard working bus drivers who keep our state moving,” Minister Hinchliffe said.

    “Our Government is serious about driver and passenger safety, and this review will help to determine the effectiveness of current safety systems, polices, infrastructure and training in Queensland.

    “The review will conduct an environmental scan, and examine how initiatives across government can complement the current frameworks, and how new initiatives can be funded.

    “To ensure we are doing the best by our drivers, previous studies led by government, industry, unions and the tertiary sector will be considered to gain insight into the issue.

    “The final report detailing the review’s findings will be provided to Government for consideration by March 2017.”

    Minister Hinchliffe said in the past six months, more than 350 assaults on bus drivers had been reported in Queensland.

    “Public transport workers, particularly bus drivers, often fall victim to verbal or physical abuse for simply doing their job,” he said.

    “This behaviour is completely unacceptable, and through the establishment of the Bus Safety Forum and the implementation of this review, our government is committed to improving the current safety framework.

    “The Bus Safety Forum was established earlier this year to bring together representatives from transport groups, unions, academia, advocacy groups and the Queensland Police Service to discuss best practice and engage on the issues of safety.”

    The Bus Safety Review will:

    1. Consider previous studies and initiatives by government, industry, unions and the tertiary sector to gain insight and knowledge about issues impacting driver safety
    2. Examine and assess current safety systems, policies, infrastructure, procedures and training to determine their efficacy in improving driver safety
    3. Assess initiatives currently underway across government to address driver and passenger safety and how these can complement current safety frameworks and systems.
    4. Conduct environmental scanning and research on driver safety systems and elements and examine their benefits and practical applicability
    5. Collaborate with industry, unions, government agencies and key experts to identify potential initiatives that can be demonstrated to improve driver safety
    6. Investigate funding mechanisms for potential driver safety initiatives for the Government’s consideration

    Media contact:                       Minister Hinchliffe’s Office                  0475 950 772