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    Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business
    The Honourable Leeanne Enoch

    Queensland Government looks forward to 2025

    Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business
    The Honourable Leeanne Enoch

    Friday, March 04, 2016

    Queensland Government looks forward to 2025

    The Queensland Government has partnered with CSIRO’s Data61 in ground-breaking research to improve government service delivery in an ever-changing world of digital transformation.

    Launching the Digital Economy Fast Forward report today, Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch said the Queensland Government’s use of research as the foundation for planning its public service delivery was a first in Australia.

    “The research identifies the opportunities and challenges for governments in delivering public services in 2025 and beyond,” Ms Enoch said.

    “If we fast forward to 2025, the world will be a very different place due to digital transformation and all governments need to examine how they deliver public services such as education, healthcare, policing and transport.

    “The Fast Forward report provides a futuristic insight of what Queenslanders will be needing and expecting in terms of government services over the next ten years.

    “It anticipates the take-up of new digital services by Queenslanders, and the opportunities and challenges that will accompany a more digitally-connected world.”

    Queensland is the first government in Australia to use a study like this as the foundation for building digital services and it will enable the Government to be more efficient, keep pace with change, and deliver better services to customers.

    “This partnership with Data61 aligns with the Palaszczuk Government’s Advance Queensland initiative to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future and drive productivity improvements within the economy,” Ms Enoch said.

    “Advance Queensland aims to build collaborations between businesses, universities and industry to diversify our economy and take advantage of future challenges and opportunities.

    “This report reinforces we are on the right track with Advance Queensland and will ensure that we are making decisions today that will serve all Queenslanders through to 2025 and beyond.”

    The Queensland Government commissioned CSIRO’s Data 61 to produce the Digital Economy Fast Forward report, utilising their vast experience in identifying megatrends impacting on economies.

    Data61’s Senior Principal Scientist Dr Stefan Hajkowicz said digital technology is re-writing the rule book for how the economy operates.

    “This study examines the impact of digital on the multi-billion dollar marketplace for public services in Queensland including policing, health, welfare, transport, education and other services,” Dr Hajkowicz said.

    “The basic message is we need to anticipate future scenarios and act proactively and strategically.”

    Ms Enoch said the Queensland Government is already responding to digital transformation of public services with a growing number of services available online. 

    “We are looking at the many services we offer as a government – from drivers’ licences to marriage certificates, fishing permits to paying speeding fines – and designing them to be provided online to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers,” she said.

    “We are already responding to digital transformation and this Fast Forward report allows us to continue our planning across government departments and agencies.”

    The Fast Forward report is available at

    Media contact: Daniel Lato 0438 830 201