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    Treasurer, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and Minister for Sport
    The Honourable Curtis Pitt

    No assets sales, but private sector partnership critical

    Treasurer, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and Minister for Sport
    The Honourable Curtis Pitt

    Tuesday, March 01, 2016

    No assets sales, but private sector partnership critical

    The Liberal National Party remains the only party advocating asset sales disguised as long-term leases while the Palaszczuk Government drives jobs and investment through partnerships with the private sector.

    Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Labor had promised to scrap the former LNP Government’s asset sales agenda, and it would remain blocked. 

    “Our government keeps its commitments and delivers on its promises,” Mr Pitt said.

    “We are taking a cooperative approach with the private sector through innovative programs such as Market-Led Proposals and our Social Benefit Bonds scheme to deliver new infrastructure and services, and jobs,” he said.

    “The Beattie Government pioneered Public Private Partnerships. That partnership approach was lost under the LNP Newman Government which viewed the private sector as a buyer of assets not as a partner in progress.”

    Mr Pitt said he agreed with the former premier that governments must look to the future which was what the Palaszczuk Government was doing.

    “We are seeking innovative solutions to complex problems and creating jobs through our Advance Queensland program, Market-Led Proposals, and Social Benefit Bonds which all involve working closely with the private sector to the benefit of Queenslanders now and in the future,” Mr Pitt said.

    “The Market-Led Proposal process has attracted about 40 proposals, including more than half-a-billion dollars in projects moving to detailed assessment phase and more than 30 projects now being further assessed by Treasury.”

    Mr Pitt said the $450 million Logan Motorway upgrade and $100 million Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal proposals had entered the MLP’s detailed assessment phase.

    “We have streamlined the process to make these projects simpler to submit, assess and move to completion.”

    Mr Pitt said in stark contrast the LNP still had a one-point economic plan consisting entirely of asset sales.

    “Lawrence Springborg has tried to revive the idea three times in the past year and again today when he was joined by former Treasurer Tim Nicholls in dusting off their asset sales agenda,” he said.

    “Given that the LNP’s so-called ‘economic plan’ contains the admission by Mr Springborg that his promises last only for the current term of parliament, asset sales would be going ahead if the LNP wins office.

    “In government, the LNP wasted more than $100 million of taxpayers’ money in a bid to sell its Strong Choices agenda, and the people of Queensland rejected it.

    “If they ever won office again there would be no discussion, no consultation, and no regard for the views of voters as expressed very strongly at the past two state elections.”

    Mr Pitt said Mr Springborg was yet to explain how he would fill the black hole in the State Budget created by the loss of revenue streams once assets were sold.

    He said in its first year the Palaszczuk Government had created 71,700 new jobs; lifted business confidence with even the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saying: “Business confidence is highest in Queensland…”.

    “We have also seen a rise in merchandise exports and housing approvals — hard data from the ABS that provides evidence of an economy doing well in tough global; circumstances,” he said.

    “We didn’t need to sell assets for this. But we did need to restore the partnership with the private sector and reinvigorate business confidence in Queensland after the threats and cuts of the LNP years.” 

    Mr Pitt said the Palaszczuk Government would continue to work with the private sector, particularly through Market-Led Proposals to drive new investment and additional jobs in addition to supporting 27,000 full-time equivalent jobs through the government’s $10.1 billion capital works program in 2015-16.


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