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    Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries
    The Honourable Leanne Donaldson

    Queensland agriculture thriving under Palaszczuk Government despite drought

    Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries
    The Honourable Leanne Donaldson

    Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    Queensland agriculture thriving under Palaszczuk Government despite drought

    Queensland’s agricultural sector is thriving under the Palaszczuk Government despite a record drought, says Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Leanne Donaldson.

    “The total value of Queensland’s primary industry commodities for 2015-16 is forecast to be $16.88 billion – a 12% increase on the estimate for the previous financial year,” Minister Donaldson said.

    “I am delighted to report that despite all the challenges associated with the drought, the sector is powering ahead.

    “The beef industry has been a remarkable success story. The Gross Value Production (GVP) of the cattle and calves sector is now expected to increase in 2015-16 by 31%, to $4.3 billion.

    “I recognise that the drought and de-stocking has played a significant part in increasing supply, but strong demand is also a major factor. There is continuing confidence in the future of Queensland’s beef sector.

    “In December the Central Highlands Regional Council announced a partnership with a consortium of investors to build a new meatworks near Emerald.

    “It is one of a number of proposed new meatworks for the state and is predicted to create 200 full-time jobs and add $24 million a year to the local economy.

    “That is a tremendous vote of confidence in Central Queensland and in graziersand I would like to congratulate the council and investors for their visionary intention to build the most efficient grass-fed beef processing facility in Australia.

    “Queensland’s food exporters are also enjoying a boom as there is record demand for our products from China and Indonesia as well as heavy demand from traditional markets such as the United States, Japan and South Korea.

    “I am also very encouraged by the growth in forestry, a sector now expected to add 13% in the financial year to $211 million.

    “And it is wonderful to be able to report that after a year when the government and the industry has been working collaboratively to tackle the threat of Panama Disease to our valuable banana crops, the sector is now predicting 9% growth in the current financial year to $584 million.”

    Minister Donaldson said that while the GVP for the grains sector was forecast to decline by 12% it would still be worth $903 million, achieved when more than 86% of the state was drought-declared.

    The GVP for Queensland’s fisheries is predicted to dip by 1% to $368 million.

    “Overall the figures are promising and the future for Queensland agriculture is extremely bright.”

    For more information on the primary industries commodities forecast contact the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries on 13 25 23, or visit



    Note to news editors: The figures quoted in the media statement are from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Ag trends document.

    Ag Trends is compiled using surveys of industry, producer and marketing organisations, processors and experts within DAF.

    It provides short-term gross value forecasts for Queensland’s major food and fibre primary industries based on information available at the time of preparation.

    The top ten industry commodities by value are as follows



    -                      Commodity

    -                      $m

    -                      Cattle and Calves

    -                      4,312

    -                      Sugarcane

    -                      988

    -                      Poultry(chicken meat)

    -                      610

    -                      Bananas

    -                      584

    -                      Cotton

    -                      483

    -                      Chickpeas

    -                      441

    -                      Sorghum

    -                      384

    -                      Wheat

    -                      308

    -                      Pigs

    -                      297

    -                      Tomatoes

    -                      293


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