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    Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism and Major Events
    The Honourable Kate Jones

    Mander fails homework again

    Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism and Major Events
    The Honourable Kate Jones

    Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    Mander fails homework again

    Opposition Education Spokesperson Tim Mander has been caught out yet again failing to do his homework and confirmed he doesn’t trust school Principals to make decisions about resources used in their schools.

    Education Minister Kate Jones said Mr Mander was spreading misinformation and fear because he does not understand how the Safe Schools Coalition resource works.

    “In response to requests from teachers and principals, we made an election commitment to make the Safe Schools Coalition's resource available to school principals to help support students,” Ms Jones said.

    “Mr Mander is ill-informed and wrong to claim a program is being taught in schools.

    “Rather, Safe Schools Coalition resources and support, which in Queensland is provided by True Relationships, are available to principals who request it.

    “Principals are best placed to decide what additional resources best suit the needs of their schools community.

    “It’s disappointing Mr Mander doesn’t support principals to make decisions in the best interests of their school community and a shame he is out of step with his Federal colleague Simon Birmingham who today said the resources supported the right of all students, staff and families to feel safe at school.

    “In Queensland, schools using Safe Schools Coalition resources, which are funded and endorsed by the Commonwealth Government, are predominantly seeking advice for teachers on how to support their students.

    “The Safe Schools Coalition made the independent decision to remove a list of participating Queensland schools from their website which Mr Mander would be aware is not a Queensland Government website.

    “I know that principals and teachers are working hard to ensure schools are safe environments where kids can reach their full potential and I was disappointed to read media reports that schools using the Safe School Coalition resources have been targeted by special interest groups.

    “Mr Mander clearly hasn’t bothered to look at the facts. Instead he’s trying to spread fear and misinformation.”

    Media: Minister Jones’ Office 0408 998 940