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    Minister for Health
    The Honourable Lawrence Springborg

    Thursday, May 29, 2014

    Your future isn’t pretty if you smoke

    Minister for Health
    The Honourable Lawrence Springborg

    Thursday, May 29, 2014

    Your future isn’t pretty if you smoke

    Young females will be targeted in a new Quit Smoking campaign, which highlights the premature ageing and skin damage that comes with every puff.

    Health Minister Lawrence Springborg launched the $1.5 million campaign with former Miss Universe Australia, Rachael Finch on World No Tobacco Day (Saturday 31 May) and said it delivers on the Government’s election promise to revitalise frontline services.

    “Market research shows that hard-hitting messages aren’t getting through to young women,” Mr Springborg said.

    “Here in Queensland, 14.6 per cent of young women aged between 18 and 24 years old still smoke daily.

    “Research tells us that physical appearance is the main driver for young women to contemplate giving up smoking. This is why this campaign aims to show women the negative effects on their appearance if they continue to smoke.”

    Mr Springborg said the Queensland Government had a strong plan for a brighter future and this included a range of vital life-saving preventative health initiatives which in the long-term also saved health dollars.

    “Every year in Queensland, an estimated $6.1 billion in health costs, lost productivity and premature death can be attributed to tobacco smoking annually,” he said.

    “Half of all long-term smokers die prematurely because they smoked.”

    Mr Springborg said the campaign launch included a pop-up make-up booth in the Queen St Mall in Brisbane.

    “Make-up artists will ‘make under’ young Queensland smokers to show them how they will look in 20 years if they continue to smoke,” he said.

    “This make-up booth will also be taken on the road to ensure this Quit Smoking message reaches young women across Queensland.

    “Although Rachael has not smoked in the past, she has agreed to be one of the first young females to be ‘made under’ as part of this campaign to show what smoking can do to your physical appearance.

    “It is great to have role models like Rachael leading the way when it comes to living a healthy smoke-free lifestyle.”

    Mr Springborg said the Queensland Government was committed to encouraging young Queenslanders to quit smoking.

    “We want to make sure young women know that quitting will benefit them on the inside and the outside,” he said.

    “The effect of tough no-smoking laws, Quit Smoking campaigns and disease prevention messages are slowly making a difference as Queensland gradually becomes more smoke free.

     “Over the past few years there have been 10,000 fewer smokers each year in Queensland.”

    If you’re thinking about quitting or know someone who is, visit the website at because if you smoke, your future is not pretty.



    [ENDS] 29 May 2014

    Media Contact: Ian Eckersley – Senior Media Advisor 0432 754 897