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    Minister for Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience
    The Honourable David Crisafulli

    Rocky roads rebuilt to last

    Minister for Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience
    The Honourable David Crisafulli

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    Rocky roads rebuilt to last

    Rockhampton’s flood damaged rural road network will be rebuilt to a better standard at the same time locals are being urged to get ready for the coming storm season.

    Community Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli was in Rockhampton today to spread the Get Ready Queensland message, warning the best defence against a Queensland summer is early preparation.

    “I’m asking everyone to think ahead and do the simple things like store drinking water and tinned food and tidy up your yard to make sure you don’t have any potential missiles in a storm,” Mr Crisafulli said.

    “A bit of work now can save a lot of heartache later because it’s too late to start preparing when the water is lapping at the floorboards or fire is licking at your eaves.

    “We need SES workers to be free to respond to the most vulnerable victims who really need them in a disaster and for those who can look after themselves to take the preventative steps now that will put them in the best situation if the worst happens.”  

    As the storm season approaches, Mr Crisafulli said Rockhampton Regional Council would receive $906,385 from the State’s Betterment Fund to upgrade 18 roads that are frequently flood damaged, isolating residents and putting travellers at risk.

    “These roads provide a vital link for rural residents with Rockhampton and they have all been repeatedly damaged,” he said.

    “The cost of repairs from recurring flooding since 2008 is more than $1million, but the heartache and disruption caused to the community is immeasurable.”

    Sixteen of the 18 roads were completely cut during the 2013 floods affecting up to 60 properties. Council identified weak spots along these roads and applied for Betterment Funds to help them stay open after flooding.

    The roads to be improved with concrete floodways include:

    ·         Upper Ulam Road

    ·         Joskeleigh Road

    ·         Collins Road

    ·         Bycroft Road

    ·         Hoys Road

    ·         Dunning Road

    ·         Hopkins Road

    ·         Old Byfield Road

    ·         Smith Road (two sites)

    ·         Black Gin Creek Road

    ·         Wild Road

    ·         Weir Park Road

    ·         Leaholme Road

    ·         Manns Road

    ·         Venture Road

    ·         Flaherty Road

    ·         Kalapa-Black Mountain Road

    ·         San Jose Road

    “These betterment works will not only improve the floodways but also increase the entire Rockhampton region’s resilience when it floods again,” Mr Crisafulli said.

    “It’s important that locals can get to emergency help, schools, supplies and jobs as quickly as possible once the water recedes.”

    The projects will be carried out under the $80 million Betterment Fund, a Queensland Government initiative jointly funded by the State and Federal Governments to give councils the chance to rebuild less damage-prone public infrastructure.

     [ENDS] 16 October 2013

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