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    Minister for Transport
    The Honourable Rachel Nolan

    Queensland’s new driver licence

    Minister for Transport
    The Honourable Rachel Nolan

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    Queensland’s new driver licence

    Queensland will soon have the most secure driver licence system in Australia incorporating state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to help in the fight against fraud and identity theft.

    The new plastic licence cards, the size of a credit card, will be embedded with a computer chip that securely stores the product and personal information.

    That’s good news for licence holders given ABS figures show that more than 800,000 Australians lost a combined $977 million through personal fraud in 2007.

    This included 87,000 victims of personal identity fraud in Queensland alone.*

    Security features on the new licence include:

    • Biometric imaging is used rather than the old Polaroid photo. What that means is that when your photo is taken at the CSC or police station, a 16 point computer image of your face is taken and stored on the computer. That makes it virtually impossible for someone else to come along later and try to get a fake license in your name.
    • A number of visual security features including hologram, special inks, a watermark and shadowing.
    • A computer chip which stores your personal information, security PIN and shared secrets

    The laminate driver licences currently in use across Queensland have been in existence for almost a quarter of a century and are in drastic need of a major overhaul.

    Providing the most secure licensing system in the country comes at a cost but the price of a Queensland licence will still compare favourably to other major Australian states.

    The current cost of a five-year licence in Queensland is $73.30.

    The new Queensland driver licence will initially cost $96.05 for five years, equal to around 37 cents per week.

    Taking into account CPI and the cost of implementing the new system a new five-year licence in 2014-15 will cost $152.50 or around 58 cents a week.

    Next financial year the most secure licence in the country will still be cheaper than licences in four other states.

    And even in five years time, our licence will cost about the same as what drivers in NSW, South Australia and the ACT pay right now (NSW $151, ACT $145, SA $150).

    Right around the world banks and other institutions are expecting safer and more secure forms of identification and this card will deliver that.

    When Queenslanders apply for their new licence a digital photograph will be taken and stored centrally.

    Each time they renew their licence, facial image recognition technology will ensure they are who they claim to be.

    Having online, on-the-spot access to these images will give us another tool in the fight against criminals trying to steal identities and obtain multiple cards under different names.

    Apart from delivering a new driver licence the Government will deliver a new heavy vehicle licence, a new marine licence and new industry authority cards for people such as bus and taxi drivers.

    And we’re replacing the 18+ Card with an Adult Proof of Age Card making it even more difficult for underage drinkers to enter licensed premises with a fake ID.

    The Government will undertake a carefully planned roll out of the new licensing system and Department of Transport and Main Roads staff will take part in an initial trial in August.

    Following that Toowoomba residents, given the city’s mix of demographics and licence products, will be able to renew licences under the new system later in the year.

    The new licences will be rolled out to transport customer service centres, police stations and QGAP offices throughout 2011.

    *Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics National Personal Fraud Survey released June 2008

    Media contact: Chris Ward (for Minister Nolan) 0418 424 654

    Robert Hoge (Department of Transport) 0429 361 744