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    Minister for Transport & Main Roads
    The Honourable Paul Lucas


    Minister for Transport & Main Roads
    The Honourable Paul Lucas

    Thursday, May 20, 2004


    Queensland is seeking smart 'optional extras' that can be offered to Queenslanders under the proposed new smartcard driver's licence, Transport Minister Paul Lucas said today.

    Mr Lucas said the private sector was being invited to register expressions of interest on potential ideas and services that could be developed as part of the new Queensland driver's licence proposal.

    "The new licence could offer a range of potential features, including storing emergency contact details on an electronic chip on the licence, or using the chip to let licence holders carry out secure online transactions with government agencies," Mr Lucas said.

    "The chip may also let licence holders receive credit card-linked loyalty or reward points for buying low-cost goods and services. These may include buying public transport or parking tickets, or goods from vending machines by using money stored on the smartcard.

    "But these are ideas only - this market sounding is all about hearing from the private sector what it thinks are potential commercial applications for the proposed licence."

    Mr Lucas said the new smartcard licence provided a chance for the Smart State to be a leader in using innovative technology for a new generation of driver licensing.

    Mr Lucas said preliminary investigations by Queensland Transport had identified a range of potential features and applications, including security measures designed to reduce the risk of licence and identity fraud.

    Mr Lucas said any model decided on for the new driver's licence would need to offer motorists choice, as well as guaranteed security.

    "From the outset, any features or applications that may be provided would be optional," Mr Lucas said.

    "Licence users would need to choose whether they wanted extra services linked to their licence.

    "I want to make it absolutely clear that the aim of this project is for an ultra-secure, smart card drivers licence.

    "I expect many Queenslanders will find the use of optional extras such as credit cards and cash cards to the smartcard licence very convenient, but that will be entirely a matter for them, no ifs and no buts.

    "In addition, Queensland Transport will also remain responsible for protecting driver licensing information and control how that information could be used.

    "Protecting the privacy and security of licence holders in the development of any new licence is of the utmost concern to the Queensland Government."

    Mr Lucas said the expression of interest would run for three weeks from today, finishing on June 14.

    "The market sounding will help Queensland Transport prepare the final business case by identifying private sector interest in providing commercial services on the driver licence proposal," Mr Lucas said.

    "An initial market sounding study, conducted in 2001 prior to this licence proposal, found it was both a feasible and manageable project.

    "This second round will confirm the feasibility of our approach to this project's development, as well as its overall viability.

    "Once Cabinet has been briefed on the final business case, only then would this project call for expressions of interest to develop the proposal."

    Mr Lucas said comments on the new driver's licence proposal, gained during a public consultation process held last year, would also be taken into account in preparing the final model for the Government's consideration.

    Those interested in taking part in the market sounding could get a copy of the Queensland driver licence Market Sounding Brief from the project website:

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