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    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Premier: Fast pace of first 100 days will continue

    The Honourable Peter Beattie

    Friday, October 02, 1998

    Premier: Fast pace of first 100 days will continue

    Premier Peter Beattie is vowing that the State Government will continue for the next three years with the same determination, efficiency and work rate that it has displayed in its first 100 days.

    "Right from the start my Government has delivered leadership, certainty, direction and job creation strategies when after the June 13 election many commentators and the business community feared three years of chaos," said Mr Beattie.

    "October 3 is not only Federal Election Day, it also marks the first 100 days of the State Labor Government," said Mr Beattie

    "Our record proves we have a strong Cabinet, that we have governed as if we have a majority of 10 and we have proved that we are a can-do' government."

    Among the highlights of the first 100 days are: A Budget delivered on Day 82 and received positively by most sectors of the community - supporting 65,600 jobs from capital works alone. Plus 24,500 job placements, apprenticeships and traineeships under the Community JobsPlan and Breaking the Unemployment Cycle initiatives. Record spending on health, education and police.

    The introduction at the earliest time possible (Day 35) of a Native Title Bill to give certainty on leases issued between 1994 and 1996 and which became law this week. The setting on Day 22 of a three-month timetable for developing a comprehensive response to the recently amended Commonwealth Native Title Act.

    Day 25: A $5.4 million package to boost building and construction jobs, with up to 3000 apprenticeships being created from a special fund created in the industry.

    A Trade and Tourism Summit and five-day visit to Hong Kong and Japan by the Premier to encourage new trade and tourism opportunities and overcome damage created by international reports on One Nation's policies.

    Government action which won the 2001 Goodwill Games with 1,800 new jobs and an economic boost of about $167 million.

    $47 million crime prevention programme launched on Day 66.

    Forde Inquiry into institutional child abuse established on Day 49.

    Four Community Cabinet Meetings where people could walk in to a meeting without prior notice to chat to a Minister on a Sunday afternoon. Nearly 500 formal delegations to Ministers.

    "We started as we have carried on. It was on June 25, after 12 days of uncertainty following the election, that the Independent Member for Nicklin said that in matters of confidence and supply he would support a Government led by me," said Mr Beattie.

    "The very next day, on June 26, my deputy, Jim Elder, and I were sworn in at Government House.

    "Only two days after being sworn in, I released on Sunday, June 28, the revamped structure of my new Cabinet - with portfolios arranged to reflect what is needed to drive Queensland into the next century as the Can-do' State.

    "And next day, on June 29, my Ministers were sworn in.

    "There were those who argued that we had limited powers and that we were at best a caretaker Government until Parliament sat at the end of July.

    "I sought legal advice and my Attorney-General confirmed the Governor had commissioned me to form a Government based on the assurance that the Government would command the support of a majority in Parliament.

    "We were in business from day one to get results and get Queensland moving again.

    "So - instead of Queensland being allowed to drift, rudderless, we started the motor, went through the gears and accelerated away."

    Achievements include:

    June 25: Independent Member for Nicklin said he would support a Government led by Peter Beattie on confidence motions. Mr Beattie agreed to hold 15 Community Cabinet meetings a year throughout Queensland.

    June 26: Peter Beattie and Jim Elder sworn in at Government House.

    June 27: (Saturday) Premier and Deputy hold talks with Caucus regarding selection of Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and other office holders.

    June 28: (Sunday) Released revamped structure of new Cabinet - with portfolios rearranged to drive Queensland into the next century as the Can-do' State. Included: new Department of State Development to drive job creation and regional development, new Ministry of Communication and Information, to drive development of State's fourth largest industry, new Minister for Employment, to bring down unemployment, increase job security and provide people with the skills to earn a living, new Minister for Regional and Rural Communities, new Minister for Heritage. new Parliamentary Secretary to help Premier drive multicultural Queensland

    June 29: Ministers sworn in and moved into offices.

    June 29: Communication and Information Program established within one agency responsible for facilitating the delivery of world standard communication infrastructure and information services to Queenslanders.

    June 30: In answer to arguments that he had limited powers and that he was at best heading a caretaker Government for a total of four weeks until Parliament could sit, the Premier obtained immediate legal advice that he could run a fully-fledged Government.

    June 30: Premier held working lunch with the leaders of Queensland's peak business and industry organisations to tell them they could have certainty about the future. They were assured there would be no freeze on capital works and no freeze on decision-making.

    July 1: Announced opening and funding of Far Northern Cultural Industry Association to co-ordinate and create arts jobs in the region.

    July 2: First Cabinet meeting made an additional $5 million available to promote Queensland as a tourist destination, both in Australia and overseas. The tourism industry anticipates this additional funding will generate 1,410 new jobs and increase direct visitor expenditure in Queensland by $56 million. A further $2 million per annum for on-going international and domestic tourism marketing campaigns.

    July 2: Department of Emergency Services directed to have independent audit conducted of ailing Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Trust Fund. Department directed to complete short and long-term reviews of capital and funding needs over all divisions. Directed department to formulate strategy to overcome QFRA Trust Fund problems.

    July 3: Government contributed funding to the $68 million Institute of Medical Research at the Royal Brisbane Hospital which will be the largest consolidated cancer research centre in the Southern Hemisphere. About 200 long term jobs for staff will be created as well as more than 25,000 weekly pay packets during construction. The proposed facility will be dedicated to cancer research and trial of new therapies, with a modern conference facility for medical and academic conferences and teaching. July 4: Release of discussion paper on proposed new stalking laws.

    July 5: Work started on the development of a State Communication and Information Strategic Plan, to provide the framework for the delivery of world-standard communication and information services to the people of Queensland.

    July 6: Departments ordered to accelerate capital works projects by awarding as many contracts as possible before the end of December.

    July 6: Announcement that free ambulance services for all Queensland pensioners and senior's card holders and their dependents would be introduced from January 1, 1999.

    July 6: About 250 schools to receive approx $30,000 in extra funding because Coalition's Leading Schools program was dropped. All schools will now be leading schools.

    July 7: Announcement that first Community Cabinet meeting to be held in Mulgrave on July 19 and 20.

    July 7: Premier told an IT&T conference in Brisbane that in just over a week the Government had united the previously fragmented information technology and communications units of the Government into one cohesive division. He told the conference the aim was to make IT&T the largest provider of jobs in Queensland by early next century.

    July 7: Premier signed his first Memorandum of Understanding - in front of media - with delegation of Vietnamese officials to open the door to the possibility of exporting expertise in the housing area - and to signal to Asia that contrary to international media reports, Queensland was still a friendly place to do business.

    July 8: Announcement of a trade and tourism summit on July 22 to find answers to the Asian economic downturn and the damage done to Queensland's reputation by international media reports on One Nation's anti-Asian policies.

    July 9: In Longreach, Premier promised in media interviews that he would be aiming to find a solution to the Native Title problem that took into account cross-border issues.

    July 9: Independent consultant was contracted to sort out exactly how much funding was required to provide first-class facilities for Cairns Hospital Redevelopment Plan. He would consult hospital management, clinicians, staff and other interested parties.

    July 10: $520 million for South-East Transit Project to foster development of dedicated busways and integrated public transport in South-East Queensland.

    July 12: Decision to bring down new Budget in September in order to drive promised job creation policies. In line with commitment given to Independent MLA Peter Wellington, the Treasurer established fiscal principles for framing Budget: Competitive tax environment; Fully actuarial funding of public sector superannuation, workers' compensation and other employee entitlements; Ensure borrowings restricted to bodies, projects and activities which can service debt from own revenue sources; Maintenance of overall budget surplus in GFS and a cash surplus in the Consolidated Fund; Commitment to at least maintain and aim to increase total state net worth.

    July 12: An extra $5 million per annum to be committed to palliative care. The extra funds will be made available to the community sector to support hospice care as well as to help people stay in their own homes and die with dignity. Support will be provided 24-hours a day to give carers the practical assistance and emotional support they need.

    July 13: Premier hosted a signing ceremony for a contract between Burton Coal and China Steel Corporation of Taiwan. Expansion of company's Glenden mine will result in 150 extra jobs.

    July 13 - Established anti-bullying taskforce' to work with and assist schools in putting in place programs for dealing with behaviour problems.

    July 13: Increase of nearly 150 staff at prisons and correctional centres across the State. A further $3 million was allocated in the Budget for the employment of 50 more prison officers.

    July 14: Premier inspected Riverview, where an urban renewal project had resulted in 60 per cent less calls to police, and announced he had asked for a report on how the Government could accelerate similar schemes. Extra $1.5 million allocated for Riverview renewal scheme would provide extra jobs.

    July 14: In Nambour, announcement of a special taskforce to prepare urgent recommendations for the establishment of a broadband fibre-optic network to bring new high tech services to rural and provincial Queensland. Would provide opportunities for thousands of new jobs.

    July 15: Challinor relocation process back on track. Announced sale of the inappropriate Chuwar site. Currently re-locating residents to interim accommodation. Intensive community consultations gaining a high level of support for proposed development of new centre at Loganlea for people with disabilities.

    July 16: Premier held first Native Title talks with representatives of the Aboriginal community.

    July 17: Premier set representatives of Aboriginal, mining, pastoral and fishing organisations a three-month timetable for developing a comprehensive response to the newly amended Commonwealth Native Title Act. Certainty about native title would clear the way for hundreds of new jobs, especially in mining.

    July 19: A Government initiative secured the world's biggest sporting event of 2001, the Goodwill Games, with a forecast benefit to Queensland of 1,800 new jobs and an economic boost of about $167 million.

    July 19: First Community Cabinet meeting held - in Edmonton, with more than 100 delegations to Ministers.

    July 20: Donated $100,000 in humanitarian aid to Papua New Guinea after the tidal wave disaster - and launched public appeal.

    July 20: Cabinet added $7.5 million to the $19.5 million due to be spent on the crime-cutting urban renewal programmes in 13 areas throughout the State. Scores of jobs would be created in the renewal process.

    July 20: Announced $30m funding boost to Disability Services and the establishment of Disability Services Agency.

    July 20: Created a $5.4 million package to boost building and construction jobs, with up to 3000 apprenticeships being created.

    July 20: Acted immediately to instal a rescue package for the Compulsory Third Party scheme and contributed a $200,000 windfall from Government vehicle fleet registrations to child victims of road accidents.

    July 21: Announced pilot of three community juvenile justice centres.

    July 22: More than 200 business leaders attended trade and tourism summit and put forward job-creating strategies to help overcome damage caused by Asian economic downturn and the international reporting of One Nation.

    July 22: Premier announced a new scholarship program aimed at helping talented Asian students to study at Queensland tertiary institutions. One scholarship will be offered to a student from each of Australia's eight top trading partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

    July 22: Formation of nursing taskforce to undertake a comprehensive review of education, training and staff development needs; develop guidelines for the management of nursing resources and workloads; promote the introduction of family-friendly rostering and management practices.

    July 22: New Police Station and two police residences for Gracemere by June 30, 1999. Total cost $500,000.

    July 23: Premier announced appointment of a Parliamentary Secretary with special responsibility for multicultural affairs to assist him raise the importance and awareness of multicultural affairs.

    July 23: Urgent arrangements made to enable work on reconstruction of The Strand to start before start of the wet season and released $15 million in funds to Townsville City Council. Funds include $5 million for breaking the unemployment cycle.

    July 23: School nurses are to be introduced into Queensland state high schools to help reduce drug and alcohol problems, eating disorders and youth suicide. The initiative will involve 100 nurses over four years covering up to 500 schools across the state. The nurses will have a range of responsibilities, including counselling, nutrition information, detection and reporting of sexual abuse, eating disorders, drug and alcohol education, suicide prevention activities and sexual health programs.

    July 24: BP selected Brisbane for $500 million oil refinery expansion with 700 new construction jobs.

    July 24: Drugs Taskforce established to tackle the problems of drugs in prisons. 21 successful discoveries/interception of drugs (as at 18 September, 1998) since Labor came to Government.

    July 27: Government won 400 new jobs by persuading Stellar Communications to locate its Asian call centre operation in Queensland as part of the State Government's call centre strategy designed by Department of State Development to attract call centres to Queensland.

    July 28: Parliament sat for the first time on the earliest date possible. Ray Hollis elected Speaker.

    July 28: Natural Resources Minister intervened to save the jobs of 25 sawmill workers on the Central Coast by allocating a new logging area.

    July 28: Formation of a task force to manage the potential impact of the sugarcane smut disease following its discovery in the Ord River Irrigation Area in Western Australia.

    July 29: Official opening of Parliament includes first traditional welcome on behalf of original landholders. Governor's speech announces acceleration of electricity interconnection with NSW and boost of capacity to 1,000 megawatts.

    July 29: Record $8.5 million made available under Statewide Sports Development Program to Qld sporting organisations to create jobs for sports administrators, coaching directors and development officers.

    July 30: Gladstone Independent Liz Cunningham joined Nicklin Independent Peter Wellington in voting with Labor in the crucial confidence debate in Parliament.

    July 30: Secured international motoring giant, Honda, as the Naming Rights Sponsor for the 1998 Gold Coast Indy.

    July 30: Disaster managers, a helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft despatched to flood areas in south-west Queensland.

    July 31: Despite confidence motion not finishing until early hours of morning, Premier introduced the Native Title Bill to give certainty for leases from 1994-1996.

    July 31: Justice Margaret McMurdo appointed as President of the Queensland Court of Appeal, Justice James Thomas to the Court of Appeal and Diane Fingleton to Senior Stipendiary Magistrate.

    August 2: Applications called for funding under the $3.5 million Youth Housing Initiative to fund community-based projects for people between 15 and 25 years of age on low incomes whose needs are not being met anywhere else.

    August 3: Premier Peter Beattie and Lord Mayor Jim Soorley hoisted the world's Goodwill Games flag in Brisbane in readiness for the 2001 games, with the Premier using the occasion of a live international television broadcast to tell the world that Queenslanders are the friendliest people in the world. "I had 30 seconds of international television time in which to advertise Queensland and counteract recent adverse publicity generated by international media reports on the Queensland election," said Mr Beattie.

    August 3: Delivered on an election commitment by providing a $10.7 million rescue package for the depressed Bowen area to help generate jobs.

    August 4: 305 contract employees had been offered full-time jobs on Queensland Rail.

    August 4: Foreign Ownership of Land Register tabled in State Parliament. New technology has meant that for the first time, an accurate record of foreign land ownership in Queensland is available.

    August 4: Introduced Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill (will consolidate management of juvenile detention centres into FYCC rather than the four agency model developed by the former government)

    August 5: Premier Peter Beattie and Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Bill Skate brought the Chevron natural gas pipeline closer to reality when they signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The governments have given the project priority status to make it easier for the Chevron Corporation to proceed with its proposed pipeline from PNG to Gladstone, creating about 2,500 permanent jobs, and accelerating regional development throughout Queensland.

    August 5: Clear policy guidelines set on public record regarding Government's requirements for accountability within Aboriginal and Islander councils

    August 6: Premier acted urgently to promote increased trade with New Zealand by introducing special legislation in State Parliament. Legislation is designed to promote free trade in goods and services between Queensland and New Zealand by recognising each other's regulatory standards for goods and services. In turn, this will create more jobs.

    August 6: Premier warned Queensland's crime fighting agencies to start spending more on investigations and getting people into the dock charged with offences, instead of pouring taxpayers' money into bureaucracy. He told Parliament that the Queensland Crime Commission was seeking a 53 per cent increase - a further $1.6 million - on the $3 million in funds allocated to it in the final Coalition Government Budget.

    August 6: Launch of $200,000 advertising campaign to encourage overseas students to come to Queensland for their University studies. Overseas students bring about $9 million a week into the Queensland economy, creating hundreds of jobs.

    August 6: Introduction of legislation to enshrine independence of the office of Attorney-General.

    August 6: Independent Taskforce started maintenance audit of all Queensland power stations to ensure maintenance schedules are adequate. The boards of each generation corporation have been directed to clear all maintenance backlogs which could jeopardise the efficient operation of generating units this summer.

    August 7: State Government listened to North Queensland - and gave $7.5 million grant for the upgrading of the Malanda Stadium, Townsville, creating 69 jobs.

    August 7: 177 new police walking the beat on the streets of Queensland following the graduation of 140 police constables from the Oxley Police Academy and 37 from the North Queensland Police Academy (August 19). The Labor Government is committed to the Queensland Police Service staffing plan which will deliver an additional 317 police in 1998/99 and a total of 1061 officers in three years.

    August 7: $120,000 boost to Queensland rental industry under community education grants scheme.

    August 7: Launch of discussion paper on review of Criminal Offences Victims' Act.

    August 8: Pledged to keep the Rural Fire Service independent of the urban division of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Authority and to lift the profile of the RFS.

    August 10: Deputy Premier in Taiwan to urge Taiwan Steel Corporation to build a $7 billion steel plant, with its 2,500 jobs, at Gladstone.

    August 10 - Launched Australia's first tourism marketing campaign in India to attract tourists to Queensland.

    August 11: Fair Trading Minister met with Peter Wellington as part of election commitment to review outmoded Retirement Villages Act. Review Task force including residents and operators has been created.

    August 11: Approved the letting of a contract to upgrade a new section of the Daintree National Park to enable further access by tourists. A new visitor centre will be built at Alexandra Range.

    August 12-14: Communication and Information Minister led a delegation of prominent business leaders to provincial centres to encourage the growth of information industries outside south-east corner of the State and outline Government projects which may assist people in these areas.

    August 13: Forde Inquiry into institutional child abuse established.

    August 14: Announced purchase of 250 hectares of former freehold land to almost double the size of Moresby Range National Park at Innisfail, protecting an important habitat for the endangered cassowary.

    August 14: Department of State Development organised a forum for groups wanting to tender for supply contracts for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. The tender process is expected to be finalised early next year.

    August 14: Launched world's biggest vessel monitoring system (VMS), which uses satellite technology to police the movement of trawlers especially in zones that have been closed to fishing. Under the new laws, now in effect, connection to the VMS will be compulsory.

    August 16: The Government would contribute $300,000 to the Asia Pacific Cities Summit to be held in Brisbane in February next year. "It is important that I should announce this today as I set out to reinforce existing trade links with Hong Kong and Japan - and seek to build new ones because trade means jobs," said Mr Beattie on the eve of his five-day, trade-boosting visit.

    August 16: Department of Public Works to employ 15 tertiary graduates for two years under graduate employment program.

    August 17: Queensland Cabinet sent the strongest possible message to Asia that Queensland is a friendly state that is determined to be a vital and integral part of Asia by endorsing the Premier's multicultural policy on the day he left to build bridges in Hong Kong and Japan and boost trade.

    August 17: Deputy Premier announced that Taiwan Sugar, which had cancelled a major project earlier in the year, had placed orders worth $18 million since Labor's election victory.

    August 17: Added the well-known Sunshine Coast landmark of Mudjimba Island to the Maroochy Shire River Conservation Park. Locally known as Old Woman Island', Mudjimba Island protects a significant breeding colony of wedge-tailed shearwaters, or muttonbirds. Announced gazettal of North Queensland cattle property as nature refuge. The 4,530 hectare property, west of Ingham, to be known as Range View Nature Refuge will provide protection for the endangered mahogany glider.

    August 17: Sheep and Wool Council of Queensland welcomed suggestion by DPI Minister that Queensland Wool Industry Summit in Roma should strengthen its links with eastern Europe as a market, specifically Poland.

    August 17: Established taskforce to deal with State's prostitution laws.

    August 18: Successful Queensland businessman Michael Yau helped the Premier spread the news through Asia that the vast majority of Queenslanders welcome Asian students, tourists and business people. Mr Yau, director of the Engwell Group and president of the Queensland Chinese Forum, spearheaded a $170,000 advertising campaign to boost trade between Queensland and Asia.

    August 18: Premier invited Chief Executive Tung of Hong Kong to visit Queensland to see for himself what the State has to offer and how friendly we are.

    August 18: Up to 100,000 cattle a year will be shipped to Guangho Province near Hong Kong under an initiative headed by the Queensland Government. Queensland has between 200,000 and 300,00 head of cattle which were unlikely to find markets this year because of the economic downturn in Indonesia and South East Asia.

    18 August: Launched national awareness campaign of the National Ecotourism Accreditation Program; 40% of all ecotourism attractions are in Queensland

    August 19: Minister for State Development welcomed the signing of an agreement that NRG Australia would buy gas from the Chevron pipeline for a proposed power station at Gladstone. Headlined by Courier-Mail: "Gladstone deal fuels $5bil gas link plan".

    August 19: The Queensland Government demonstrated its faith in the recovery of the Japanese economy by taking out a new five-year lease on its trade and investment office in Tokyo - and creating the new position of marketing manager.

    August 20: Premier invited the Governor of Ehime Prefecture, Sadayuki Ida, to visit Queensland to further strengthen the economic development and business links between the two communities.

    August 20: Margaret Wilson QC appointed to Supreme Court and Nick Samios to District Court bench.

    August 20: Declaration that Far North Queensland is free from Papaya Fruit Fly. With industry, community and governments working closely together, eradication is expected to be declared in March next year - a year ahead of schedule.

    August 21: Premier strengthened Queensland's strong links with Osaka today by signing an economic agreement with Governor Knock Yokoyama to develop trade, investment and tourism between the two communities, thus creating new jobs.

    August 21: Establishment of Queensland's largest Police Beat Shopfront in Brunswick St Mall to act as a mini police station to combat the fear of crime associated with Fortitude Valley. Replaced shopfront that only operated in daylight hours.

    August 21: Approved portion of land in Musgrave Park, Sth Brisbane being set aside under a special Deed of Grant in Trust to the Brisbane City Council for Aboriginal heritage, cultural and historical purposes. This cleared the way for the Murri community to pursue a lease from BCC to establish Brisbane's first Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

    August 21: Declaration of Trinity Inlet (Cairns) as a Fish Habitat Area covering 7440 hectares and providing a habitat for prawns, mud crabs and finfish, including barramundi, salmon, grunter, bream, mullet and mangrove jack.

    August 22: Handed back the first freehold title in the Torres Strait.

    August 23: Fulfilled a pre-election promise to the people of Ipswich by approving an $800,000 grant to the Ipswich Rugby League to upgrade its facilities at the North Ipswich Reserve.

    August 23: Government invests $1 million in Global Arts Link, the country's first interactive multi-media arts museum and cultural centre of its kind, creating 46 construction jobs.

    August 23: Announced more than $3.1 million will be injected into Queensland Ambulance Service's paramedic program over the next five years.

    August 24: Ipswich Community Cabinet meeting.

    August 24: Premier announced a $100 million project to create a Queensland Heritage Trails Network, creating 2,400 jobs and boosting tourism, Queensland's second biggest industry.

    August 24: New deal with SKY Channel to ensure full Sky TV and TAB coverage (for the first time ) for Queensland's five premier greyhound racing clubs; ensuring survival of Toowoomba and Beenleigh clubs.

    August 25: Implemented main election promise of $1 million worth of basic equipment for prison officers, with $393,254 allocated to fund equipment for Drug Task Force Strategies.

    August 26: Announced a strategy to tackle literacy & numeracy' problems in young boys.

    August 26: The Integrated Planning and Other Legislation Amendment Act 1998 was developed in July 1998, passed by the Legislative Assembly on 26 August 1998 and received Royal Assent on 3 September 1998. The Act addresses a range of operational issues that have arisen in the implementation of the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA). Implementation of the amendments will significantly improve the day-to-day operation of the IPA, providing benefits to local governments and the development industry.

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